Direct Selling Legal Update 2023

With 2024 just “around the corner”, now is a good time to look at some of the legal issues which have been relevant in 2023 to those operating in the direct selling sector in Australia.

Issues which we have regularly advised on include how to conduct a product recall in Australia; identifying unfair terms in contracts and amending them to reduce risk; steps to take to be privacy compliant; and guidance on undertaking comparative advertising in a compliant way.

Articles in the 2023 update include:

ACCC publishes new recall guidelines – they are clear, practical and helpful
Do your contracts contain any terms which are potentially unfair? Significant penalties now apply!
The Future of Privacy Law
Comparative Advertising – It Sells Products but only if the Comparison is Clear and True!
“Super complaints” rights to the ACCC for advocacy groups slated to become law by July 2024
Limitations on Set-Term Agreements Loom Near: What Employers Need to Know

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback or discuss, please get in touch with the Direct Selling Team.

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