Gambling Law Review – Australia, 2021

“In general terms, for an activity to be classified as gambling in Australia, it must involve the staking of money or other valuable consideration of real-world value on the outcome of an event determined in whole, or in part, by chance and with the objective of winning a prize.”

The Gambling Law Review – Australia Chapter, 2021

The Addisons Gambling Law Team was delighted to author the Australian chapter for the 6th edition of the Gambling Law Review, published by The Law Reviews (TLR).

Partner Jamie Nettleton, and Solicitor Brodie Campbell provide an insight on gambling law in Australia, including an overview of the legal and regulatory framework that governs the gambling industry, the key matters which have impacted the gambling sector in the last 12 months and the outlook for Australian licensed online wagering operators.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this chapter or generally relating to the Australian legal and regulatory framework involving gambling.

Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd
This article was first published in May 2021
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