Addisons Graduate Interview

Addisons has a real sense of community and is an exciting place to work. There’s always something interesting going on and the lawyers are invested in helping you develop, learn and get as much experience as possible.”

Ellen Anderson, 2019 Graduate

Why did you apply to join the Addisons Graduate Program? What were you looking for?
I applied for the Addisons Graduate Program because I thought the work that Addisons did look really interesting and was unlike a lot of the other firms I had looked at. In particular, I was interested in the work the Media team did and was impressed by the clients the firm had as a whole. I was looking for a program that offered a good experience in a variety of areas. I was also looking for a firm that had a friendly culture.

What was your Addisons Graduate experience like?
I have thoroughly enjoyed my Graduate experience at Addisons. I started off by doing a three month rotation in the Media team which allowed me to work on really interesting matters. I’m now halfway through my second three month rotation in the Environment and Planning team which is an area of law I have never worked in before and has given me great experience, especially in litigation. During these rotations, I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous lawyers, including Partners, from different teams. I also started the Graduate program at the same time as two of the other Graduates, which was invaluable because it provided me with a social and support network with other people in the same position as me.

What type of work have you been involved in during the Addisons Graduate Program? Any client time?
Most of the work I have prepared during my time as a Graduate has been legal research for clients’ matters. This means I’m usually involved in the correspondence with clients throughout their matter. I’ve also had a lot of experience in litigious matters during both rotations. This has included preparing court documents and attending court. During my Media rotation, I also assisted with the publication of a Focus Paper on a potential development in defamation law.

What did you like most about your experience as a Graduate?
During my experience as a Graduate, I’ve liked most working with everyone at the firm and building new relationships. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the experience I’ve been given and that the work is always varied and interesting.

How did you find the working environment and did you feel supported?
The working environment at Addisons is extremely supportive and friendly. I’ve never felt afraid to talk to any of the staff, no matter their position in the firm.

Were you assigned a mentor/buddy when you started? If so, how was that experience?
I was assigned a mentor at the beginning of my first rotation. Tara was a Graduate from the previous year and was working in the Media team with me. This was really helpful because it provided me with someone who could answer my questions and give me good advice based on her experience the previous year. It was really nice having someone looking out for me, especially in the first few months.

I would absolutely recommend others to the Graduate Program at Addisons. I think that it’s a great program to find your feet as a young lawyer and it allows you to experience different areas of law so you can figure out what you’re passionate about.

Ellen Anderson, 2019 Graduate