Sydney councils accused of using interim heritage orders to halt development

Published: Megan Gorrey, The Sydney Morning Herald, 22 March 2019

A number of Sydney councils have recently been accused of imposing interim heritage orders in order to control development and block higher density housing in well-established suburbs. Interim heritage orders can be imposed swiftly and councils are not obliged to tell the landowner they intend to impose an interim heritage order before they do so.

Partner, Helen Macfarlane, has been quoted in a recent Sydney Morning Herald article outlining the impact of this trend, which she says has ‘become a form of de facto development control’.

In her recent paper, Interim Heritage Orders – when can they be made and what effect do they have on development, Helen discusses the increased use of interim heritage orders by Sydney councils and the way in which they can and often do restrict and limit development plans for impacted properties.

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