COVID-19 Addisons response

At Addisons, one of our highest priorities is the health and safety of our people, clients, guests and communities. The Australian and International responses to the spread of COVID-19 have stepped up. In response, Addisons has taken additional measures which are principally directed to limiting the spread of the virus to enable hospitals and other health providers to deal with those high-risk people who become infected.

These measures are designed to limit the chance of contracting the virus at Addisons and to maintain the operation of the firm. Below is a list of some of those measures:

Our visitors and clients

To maintain a safe workplace, any visitors to the office will be asked beforehand whether they have travelled overseas in the last 14 days, or if they have been in direct contact with others that have travelled overseas. If they have, and given the government imposed self-isolation requirements, Addisons employees will arrange for the meeting to take place via phone, skype or video conference.

Addisons will be encouraging a limitation in face-to-face meeting, where appropriate, however, the office is open. Please feel free to suggest this option if you prefer.

Beverages will not be offered to visitors to the office.

Firm operations

Addisons is set-up for secure remote working, and some of our employees have chosen to work from home. Other than not being in the office for meetings, employees have the resources to be able to work efficiently at home and have access to all services. Office numbers can be diverted to alternate phones if required. Privacy remains a high priority and steps are in place to continue our high level of confidentiality and security.

Addisons has been working closely with our building management to increase the availability of hygiene systems and processes.

Addisons will continue to monitor the advice from government health officials and respond accordingly.

While most staff may choose to work remotely, the office will remain open unless advised to close by government or other circumstances require a closure.