Addisons Graduate Interview

“The best part of the graduate experience at Addisons has been close contact I’ve had with senior lawyers, in particular partners, when working on matters. This has provided me with the opportunity to learn from their years of experience and receive feedback on my work. It also means I haven’t been far removed from the client, so have often been able to join client meetings and interact with them directly. I feel that this has been incredibly useful for my development as a lawyer and particularly for learning the tricks of the trade..”.

Jai Clark, 2019 Graduate

Why did you apply to join the Addisons Graduate Program? What were you looking for?
Addisons was one of several firms I applied for when looking for graduate positions. After researching a range of firms’ programs I chose to apply for a select few that appealed to me. I chose to apply for the Addisons Graduate Program after reviewing the website, including the graduate program blurb, the information on Addisons’ culture and then further researching the firm online. I was looking for a program that could offer a friendly culture, allow me to work closely with and learn from senior lawyers, and allow me to undertake substantive legal work with large clients as opposed to menial administrative tasks. The program at Addisons seemed to offer this.

What was your Addisons Graduate experience like?
The experience has been fantastic. From the beginning I have felt welcomed by everyone I have worked with, and have been given interesting and challenging work. I have received help and support whenever needed. We were given training to ease our transition into the new workplace and systems. Overall, I have been treated like any other member of the firm and have been given tasks that have challenged me and developed my learning.

What type of work have you been involved in during the Addisons Graduate Program? Any client time?
I have undertaken a wide range of tasks from the very beginning of my time at Addisons. This has included drafting emails and letters to clients, undertaking research (of cases, legislation and secondary materials), contractual and statutory interpretation, proof reading, and attending Court (both to observe and file documents). I have also been able to sit in on client meetings, both face-to-face and over the phone or via Skype. I was even asked to run a client meeting in my second week here, which was obviously quite daunting, but a great experience. Afterwards we went to lunch with the client which was an added bonus, as I got to have the full experience of dealing and interacting with clients.

How did you find the working environment and did you feel supported?
It is very supportive and friendly. On our first day, we were given an office tour and introduced to all other members of the firm. People always say hello when you bump into them in the lift or the kitchen and ask how I’m settling in and finding the work. In addition to being assigned a supervising partner, we were assigned a mentor/buddy who is a solicitor usually not much more senior than ourselves. All staff members, whether I have been working closely with them or not, have always been happy to help with any queries or issues I’ve had.

Would you recommend others to the Graduate Program?
I definitely would. The program is fairly small compared to the programs of larger firms, which I think is one of its biggest advantages. The other Graduates in my intake and I have become good friends during the program and have been able to assist and support each other during our rotations. We have undertaken two rotations in different parts of the firm, so we are able to experience a good variety of tasks and work with different people in the firm.

“Addisons is a mid-sized firm with the client list of a large firm, but the working culture of a small firm. This means we get the benefit of working on large and complicated matters, while still working closely with senior lawyers and being able to form close bonds with your colleagues. Addisons has a very friendly and open culture, which makes coming into work each day enjoyable and exciting.”

Jai Clark, 2019 Graduate