Addisons Graduate Interview

“During the Graduate Program I assisted in advising ASX-listed clients on complex legal issues, prepared for litigation in Supreme Court matters and worked with my team to assist clients in completing large commercial transactions and development projects. Every day is exciting as there is always a complex legal problem or challenging deadline to meet.”

Helen Leung, 2019 Graduate

Why did you apply to join the Addisons Graduate Program? What were you looking for?
I applied for the Addisons Graduate Program because I wanted to start my legal career at a law firm with well-known clients and interesting work, but that also has the atmosphere of a smaller practice to allow for a hands-on learning experience.

What was your Addisons Graduate experience like?
My graduate experience has been everything I expected and more. I started at Addisons with a rotation in Environment & Planning. I had the opportunity to work on different types of matters from advising on new developments to working with small businesses in compulsory acquisitions. I was able to learn from a huge team of lawyers and partners who all have a wealth of knowledge and experience in Environment & Planning. Though I started with very little experience or interest in this practice area, it ended up being really exciting, fast-paced and fulfilling.

My second rotation was with the Corporate team where I worked directly with several partners on matters involving major clients, from irrigation companies to major listed companies. A few highlights of my time in Corporate has been assisting with the legal side of the listing of a company on the Australian Stock Exchange to presenting at a meeting with several senior officers of a major Australian company.

Besides work, the program has been great because graduates are encouraged to join Addisons’ committees. As part of the Social Committee, I have helped to plan Friday night drinks events and this year’s End of Year party!

How did you find the working environment and did you feel supported?
Finishing university and starting full-time work is always a little bit daunting, but working as a graduate at Addisons has been a breeze. Everyone at Addisons is extremely warm and welcoming, supervising partners are always happy to answer any question (no matter how silly it may sound) and you can always ask a junior lawyer or your buddy to go downstairs to grab a coffee.

Would you recommend others to the Graduate program?
Yes, definitely!

How would you describe Addisons, as a firm, to others looking for Graduate opportunities?
Addisons has a great culture and is quite unique in that it is a place where you will get to know every person in the firm while also having the opportunity to work with well-known clients such as Colgate-Palmolive. It is also a great place to start a career in law as personal development is always on the agenda, with opportunities to try out different practice areas and partake in client secondments.

Were you assigned a mentor/buddy when you started? If so, how was that experience?
Yes, at the beginning of the Graduate Program you will be assigned a buddy. My buddy and I got along very well and she was very supportive of my development by letting me tag along whenever she was heading to court for an interesting matter or giving helpful tips during the Graduate Program.

“The best thing about my experience has been the opportunity to learn so much through exposure to such a wide range of clients and matters, which has allowed me to gain a better idea of what area I would like to specialise in.”

Helen Leung, 2019 Graduate